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Tangent Fire

WWIII Explodes in the Med

About Tangent Fire:

   Volume VIII in the Next War segment of the Kirov Series sees the war in 2021 end in a nuclear nightmare, but Kirov, with Tyrenkov aboard, has escaped to the future they helped to shape in 2025. Now all the principal players in the story begin to arrive, Kirov, Kazan, and Argos Fire coming forward from 1945.
   Karpov, the Siberian, begins his operation to liberate the port of Vladivostok, and Kirov once again enters the Sea of Japan to confront the Chinese Navy. But the fire of war begins to spin off wild tangents, as China launches Operation Wildfire in the Med to close the Western shipping lanes and seal off the Suez Canal.
   Argos Fire is soon caught up in the fighting, which sweeps across the “Middle Sea” from Gibraltar to Egypt when the Chinese begin a dangerous game of commerce raiding. As the tankers burn, a much stronger Royal Navy in 2025 stands to, as an enemy fleet bears down on the long time British bastion of Malta. Yet Elena Fairchild and the doughty Captain MacRae will soon have more things to worry about than they imagined. A late novel excursion takes them one step closer to unraveling the mystery of the seven keys....

Kirov Saga
Tangent Fire

John Schettler

Part I – Volkov
Part II – Kazan
Part III – The Siberian
Part IV – Beihai Sea
Part V – Argos Fire
Part VI – Maersk Havana
Part VII – Wildfire
Part VIII– Malta
Part IX – Tangent Fire
Part X – Greensleeves
Part XI – Keys to the Kingdom
Part XII – Excursions

316 Pages, 36 Chapters, about 105,000 words.
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Monday, September 16, 2019

Available Now! Eagle Rising

The Next War....

John Schettler’s Kirov Series launches the ground war in Europe!


About Eagle Rising: Volume 7 in the Next War segment of the Kirov Saga.

Volume VII in the Next War segment of the long Kirov Saga now takes the war in 2021 to Europe as NATO begins its long awaited counteroffensive to liberate the Baltic States. Operation Eagle Rising begins with a bold stroke to cut off the Russian salient of Kaliningrad, and liberate Kaunas and Vilnius in Lithuania. As the American divisions push through the Suwalki Gap, strong German and British contingents under Brigadiers Berg and Kinlan are on their left, fighting their way across the Neman River. Eventually, the plan is to drive north to Riga, the capital of Latvia, and cross the Daugava River. Can the vaunted Russian Army stop them while also fighting a dramatic battle for control of Kharkov in the Ukraine?
Meanwhile, Kirov moves east towards a meeting with Tyrenkov at the Northern Shamrock, only to find the Grey Wolves in a daunting and perplexing encounter when they reach that far flung Arctic outpost. They soon realize things are terribly wrong....

The war in 2021 moves to Europe in Volume 7, Eagle Rising, the name of the NATO operation to begin the liberation of the Baltic States. Before the war, armies were evaluated by their strength on paper, the hot new hardware they were building, or the sheer numbers fielded , yet very few units in the Armies of the world actually had any real combat experience. The United States was the great exception within NATO, having fought two massive Gulf wars, an endless war in Afghanistan, and ten years in Iraq. American generals had proved they could transport, deploy, stage and operate massive land forces in a major full spectrum, multi-domain ground war. Other NATO partners joined in those battles, giving them some experience as well. On the other side, Russia had fought in Chechnya, Georgia, the Ukraine and Syria, giving some of its many brigades a taste of modern combat. As for China, in spite of its massive Army, rapidly growing Navy and burgeoning Air Force, it had virtually no modern day combat experience of any kind.
Now all sides would all be put to the test in a way that had not been seen since WWII. Fighting insurgents in Iraq, which represented the bulk of the time the US was there, or hounding ISIS out of Syria, is not the same as meeting a peer adversary on a modern day high intensity field of battle. Now we’re about to see just how good the tanks, APC’s, and troops on every side are in a fast paced ground war on two fronts in Europe. Concurrent with NATO’s Operation Eagle Rising, the Russians have countered on the far flung fields of the Ukraine with a surprise offensive of their own.
By moving their entire 58th Army out of the Caucasus, where no action was expected, they rapidly doubled the number of troops they had in the Donbass. At the same time, other units from their Central Military District crossed into Ukraine from Belgorod. There, on those blood sodden fields where Zhukov’s Red Army battled Manstein’s Armeegruppe South, the Russians stage a big operation aimed at pinching off Kharkov.
Both actions are presented in the first 18th Chapters of this volume, a mighty clash of modern armies that ends up featuring Brigadiers Berg and Kinlan prominently in the action. As these battles begin to reach a conclusion, the story takes us back to Korea again briefly for a dire escalation there that starts that doomsday clock ticking again. These battles all come to a head by the mid-point of the book, and the likely military outcome in the Baltic States and Ukraine is decided. Then the story shifts back to Kirov and company in the far north, after Karpov put in his stunning Zircon strike to drive Captain Tanner’s CVN Washington out of the war with heavy damage. The ship makes it to a friendly port, but just barely, and will be long months in the shipyards.
The whole second half of this volume now focuses entirely on Kirov and crew. The ship returns to Severomorsk and the crew is given a much needed shore leave. While Karpov tries to clean house, Voronin, his would be Zampolit (Political Officer), is still scheming, and with Ivan Volkov in the mix. Voronin had earlier threatened to use his elite “Grey Wolves” security force to bring Karpov to heel, and plots are still simmering on and off the ship in this port call. Silenko’s steady recruitment of Gennadi Orlov proceeds and the plot thickens when Volkov gets involved. Tyrenkov comes to pay Fedorov and Karpov a visit, and as the three men discuss Russia’s prospects, it becomes clear that Tyrenkov is also scheming on something.
Things come to a head on the docks at Severomorsk, but Kirov will soon find itself out to sea again, with puzzling orders that Karpov vows to disregard. The result is a most unusual ending to this book, when Fedorov and Karpov try to figure out how they can use the gift hidden in Director Kamenski’s briefcase. (Have any of you guessed what it is yet?)
In an eerie sortie east, Karpov intends to go pick up his old Air Commandant Bogrov and his airship crew, but instead the ship and crew meet the Grey Wolves, only not in the way they first feared and expected. It becomes a haunting little side trip in parts IX and X of this one, and also sets up what is going to happen next, because this look at the next war has many more battles to be fought—just not where you might expect them. To say more would spoil the ending, but seeds planted earlier in the tale now grow to take us up the bean stock to another round of WWIII action, as the author widens his lens to show us something more.

The next book in the series, entitled Tangent Fire now comes up in the position that has been reserved for the season finale. Is this the end? We asked John about it to get the scoop .

“No,” said John, “the 8th Volume in this season will not end the series yet. While it will bring the events of the war in 2021 to a conclusion, our heroes, and the ship, have yet more work to do. Telling you about it now would spoil the ending of Volume 7, so you’ll have to wait and see. All I can tell you is that, much like the story line that occupies the second half of Eagle Rising, what follows next will be largely centered on the ship, but I’ll let Fedorov and Karpov tell you about it all in this book. Enjoy!”

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Kirov Saga
Eagle Rising

John Schettler

Part I – Changelings
Part II – Article V
Part III – The Cauldron
Part IV – Stand Firm
Part V – Trick or Treat
Part VI – Fork in the Road
Part VII – The Devil’s Bargain
Part VIII– Plots and Devices
Part IX – The Frozen Night
Part X – Grey Wolves
Part XI – The Mushroom
Part XII – Reunions

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Ice War

The hot war gets chilled in the arctic cold...

The Kirov Series now takes us to the frozen north in Ice War, Volume VI in the Next War segment of the  saga, and it’s one of the best in the series. With NATO planning its counter offensives in Norway and Europe, Karpov and the Pacific Fleet are recalled to Severomorsk, but getting there will not be easy. After their strange displacement to the future of the world they helped create with their many interventions in the past, The fleet slipped back into the war we’ve been following and put into Vladivostok at the end of Volume V, Deep Blue. Now Karpov hopes to get as far north as possible before his fleet is discovered, as the Americans believe it perished in the eruption of the Demon Volcano.

It isn’t east to hide that many warships, even in the vast ocean spaces of the Pacific, and soon the Americans are investigating the sudden appearance of unknown ships emerging from the Sea of Okhotsk and heading north. What follows is a classic naval pursuit, as Captain Stark and the Nimitz Strike Group is dispatched to investigate the contacts. Karpov must get through the vast Bering Sea, and then pass the narrow strait between Siberia and Alaska, a place he calls “The Gates of Hell.” It is a harrowing warning of the action that will ensue in this volume, which features a riveting sea chase, gripping sub duels, and later, the Air, Land and Sea battles for the North Cape.

The Pacific Fleet eventually comes home to Severomorsk, but not without paying a price. Karpov and company are then immediately pulled into the naval action in the Norwegian Sea when Tyrenkov orders the seizure and reinforcement of the remote northern Islands of Svalbard. The British are leading the NATO effort to make a helicopter assault to recapture those islands, even while Karpov is delivering reinforcements for the Russians. Then the US Washington Strike Group gets into the action under Captain Tanner, and things really begin to heat up in a series of naval duels on and under the sea.

The land action in the north Cape is briefly covered in one segment, but that external battle is counterpointed by a simmering internal conflict aboard Kirov precipitated by the dark presence of Colonel Voronin, the ship’s new Zampolit, or Political Officer. The Black Crow, as the crew comes to call him, is sticking his nose into the affairs of the ship, and this inevitably draws sparks with Karpov, right from the outset of this volume. There are some very tense confrontations on the bridge, and both sides scheme to get the upper hand in the little power struggle. Knowing Karpov as they do, series veterans know what to expect when Voronin’s transgressions rub him the wrong way.

All in all, Ice War is presented with good depth and loaded with naval air action. Battles here cover the Bering Sea Chase, action off Svalbard, NATO’s counterattack in the North Cape, and the climactic “Battle of the Barents Sea.” At the end, the author tips us off on what’s coming next, the big NATO offensive in Europe, code named Eagle Rising. As the Ice War concludes, we asked John where the series is going next.

“The conclusion of Ice War will present an interesting discussion between Karpov, Fedorov and Tyrenkov, and that will lead them on a special mission as we go to the ground war in Europe, NATO’s big offensive  to liberate the Russian occupied Baltic States. There we will meet Brigadier Berg in the 21st Panzer Brigade, and of course Brigadier Kinlan with the British contingent, and they will take us into that ground war, which will really decide Russia’s fate in this war.”

“What about the Chinese? Is the conflict in the Pacific over?”

“No. That end of the war suffered a severe check with the eruption of the Demon Volcano, but that war resumes after a three week interruption, so I’ll also be covering the US campaign into the East China Sea, the Chinese intervention in Korea, and the Argos Fire leads a combined NATO group into the South China Sea again as the West goes on the offensive in an attempt to break the Chinese Navy.”

“Does Kirov get in on that action?”

“Not directly, as the Fleet is in the north now, but there will be a few twists yet to come involving Kirov and crew, so stay tuned.”

ON SALE NOW: e-Book version, $4.99 ~ Also available as a quality Trade Paperback.

Kirov Saga
Ice War

John Schettler

Part ISeven Skunks
Part II – Strange Bedfellows
Part III – Harried North
Part IV – Hidden Danger
Part V – The Gates of Hell
Part VI – Jeremiah
Part VII – Ardent Fire
Part VIII– Regrouping
Part IXCold Fury
Part X – Sea Eagle
Part XISubmarines
Part XIIFree Radicals