Sunday, January 31, 2016

Foxbane: Kirov Series Battle Book 1

In a move that stunned Great Britain in 1940, the Germans launched a daring operation to seize the vaunted Rock of Gibraltar and Malta. Now Erwin Rommel leads the Afrika Korps in a bid to conquer all of Egypt and knock England out of the war. But a strange event in the year 2021 sends the Great Grandsons of the Desert Rats back through time to pose a bold new challenge. Soon the hunter becomes the hunted, as the Desert Fox struggles for his very survival in this exciting alternate history of WWII.

Loaded with action, Foxbane presents 58 chapters of all the action from the German Operation Felix attack on Gibraltar, the daring attack on Malta, (Operation Herkules), the opening moves in North Africa with O'Connor's Raid, the Battle of Beda Fomm, and Rommel's first offensive, Operation Sonnenblume. Then, in the midst of the fighting, General O'Connor goes missing, and a desperate search and rescue operation is mounted. Fate takes the search team to a unexpected rendezvous in the deep desert, where a strange event in the midst of a new war in 2021 has displaced the modern British 7th Armored Brigade back in time to 1941. As Rommel drives east towards Alexandria, he is soon confronted by a powerful new enemy that becomes the bane of the Desert Fox from that day forward. At the Battle of Bir el Khamsa, modern day Challenger II tanks and Warrior AFVs confront the cream of Rommel's Afrika Korps. But we're just getting started!

Foxbane then continues as Rommel receives powerful new reinforcements to launch a bold attack on Tobruk. The fighting continues as the British launch their own counteroffensives in Operation Crusader, and finally Operation Supercharge, where the Desert Rats seek to push Rommel back to Tripoli. Here is all the great desert war action extracted from the massive 24 volume Kirov Series novels by John Schettler, re-edited by the author and presented in one continuous file spanning 58 chapters. (Over 175,000 words).

This is military fiction at its absolute finest, an alternate history so convincing that you’ll believe it actually happened!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Kirov Saga: Turning Point

Kirov Saga: Turning Point Available Now!
Season 3, Book 6 ~ Series Volume 22

Kirov Series fans stand ready—Volume 22 is primed to hit Amazon on schedule, just in time for your New Year’s celebration. As with other novels in Season 3, it presents a lot of action on three fronts, covering the period February through April of 1942. Beginning just where Knight’s Move left off, we are returned to the hunt for Kaiser Wilhelm and Goeben as they attempt to reach friendly ports with their hidden cargo, a situation amplified in importance because of the unusual and amazing twist the author threw at us in Knight’s Move, where the Germans encounter a derelict and abandoned ship in the deep south Atlantic, with hidden cargo of unmeasured worth.

It was another great spin on the basic theme that underlies the entire series—that the fabric of time itself has become fragile and breakable, particularly in situations where large explosive events or nuclear devices are involved. Time is starting to fracture, and the fissures that develop can run like cracks in a broken mirror, spanning decades. This has caused men and material encountering these fractures to slip in time, mostly falling backwards from the future to the past, and reaching the tortuous web of the 1940s where WWII is being waged. But sometimes things move forward as well, like Kaiser Wilhelm’s brief encounter with the US carrier Tarawa before it slipped back to 1942, pulled by time’s gravity to the place it belonged.

Get ready for other big events this time out, as yet another major plot twist is about to be introduced here in Turning Point.  [ Read the full article here ]

Half a world away, the Soviets finally launch their winter counteroffensive in a desperate attempt to stem the German tide, and force a turning point in the bitterly contested struggle on the frozen east front of early 1942.

In the Pacific, Montgomery has stopped the Japanese and saved the embattled island of Singapore, but for how long? The rising tide of the Japanese offensive now sweeps around the Rock of the East to threaten Sumatra and Java, forcing Churchill to make the most difficult decision of the war. The battle begins with a brave challenge by Admiral Doorman in the Java Sea, yet soon both Axis and Allied forces will find their plans rudely interrupted. Something has emerged from the ashes of a great disaster that now threatens to  weigh heavily in the balance of the Pacific War.
Meanwhile, Generals Wavell, O’Connor, and Kinlan launch a new offensive in ‘Operation Supercharge.’ Holding nothing back, they hope to engage and defeat Rommel’s Afrika Korps once and for all, to decide  the contest in Libya and pave the way for the great campaign against French North Africa.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Just Released: Kirov Saga - Knight's Move

Kirov Series - Season 3 - Book 5
Knight's Move  - Available Now on Amazon!

Knight’s Move... The Germans would call it Rosselsprung, the leaping move of a Knight in a heated game of chess. In the aftermath of the naval duel off the Canary Islands, Admiral Raeder turns loose his surface units to adopt a strategy of commerce raiding as part of his effort to choke British supplies and material bound for Egypt. Surviving the battle largely unscathed, Kaiser Wilhelm joins the light escort battle carrier Goeben in a daring sortie into the South Atlantic. Still reeling from losses sustained off Fuerteventura, the Royal Navy struggles to give chase and engage the German raiders in a harrowing naval saga. Yet the Germans find much more than they ever expected in the desolate reaches of the icy South Atlantic.

In the Pacific, the Japanese General Yamashita presses his Banzai Blitzkrieg through Malaya to the final attack against Singapore, the “Rock of the East,” but finds the British defense is now led by a most unexpected arrival. Can the British hold Singapore? The outcome is presented here in a detailed account of the battle to decide the fate of this jewel in the Empire's crown.

In the Atlantic, the Germans now begin Phase II of Operation Condor with the attack on Gran Canaria, and the British stage a desperate and stubborn defense. Now they must decide whether to risk everything to hold the island, or fall back to Tenerife and live to fight another day.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Karpov has taken Kirov north to support the opening moves of his own chess game against Japan. He musters his resources to stage a surprise attack on lower Kamchatka and Sakhalin Islands, his first bid to win back territories lost to Japan long ago in the aftermath of his fateful sortie to 1908. Now the Japanese must finally realize and deal with the substantial threat Karpov poses from the north, dispatching Knights of their own to challenge the Siberian in a major alternate history battle.

Action from start to finish as the war careens into 1942 in the amazing Kirov Saga!

For Kindle: $4.99

Trade Paperback: Coming Soon

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Just Released: Winter Storm

Kirov Saga:
Winter Storm
Season 3, Book 3, Series book 19

Just in time for the long 4th of July weekend, and out early for the faithful crew that has followed this story from book 1, Winter Storm takes us into the dramatic military events of late 1941.  KINDLE EDITION

This volume packed with heavy wartime action and the drama of Fedorov’s facedown with the Siberian. One look at the cover makes that quite apparent. Ever since Paradox Hour and the third season opener Doppelganger took us through the mind boggling mysteries of the time travel elements of the story, it has been cat and mouse on the ship, as the author used most of volume 2, Nemesis, to present the story of Karpov’s devious plot to gain control of Kirov. Fedorov is beset by both Karpovs in that last volume, and looking for allies. He finally convinces Volsky, but too late to stop Karpov’s plot. Now, he lays low aboard the ship, hoping to slowly gather support.

This third volume opens exactly where Nemesis left off, with Grilikov nose to nose with the implacable Sergeant Troyak in the helo bay. Once again, it was Orlov’s wayward ways that set up that confrontation, blustering  into the helo bay and thinking he could now even bully the Marines. Yet the Siberian Karpov is older, more cunning, and wiser after having been through the fire, and he handles the situation on the ship in a way you may not expect. Over the first 9 chapters we  get a resolution of the long simmering potential conflict between Fedorov and the ship’s new Siberian master, and while necessary to the developing plot,  this is not the central action of this volume.

Winter Storm quickly moves into the history of the crucial battles of late 1941, and it is loaded with combat. Beginning with Part IV, aptly entitled “The Rising Storm,” the narrative returns to the war with the next 12 chapters taking us back to the Russian front, where the historical characters of Guderian, Model, and the other German generals face down the Red Army. Operation Typhoon is presented in great detail, and yes, we finally get the arrival of the Big Cats on the field of battle, and the showdown between Kurt Knispel and Dmitri Lavrinenko takes place in an action filled three chapter duel at a place called Malakhovo, north of Tula on the road to Serpukhov. This segment concludes with “Black Snow,” where a surprising plot twist occurs that introduces more drama into the crisis of the battle of Moscow, but this is something that cannot be discussed here. Suffice it to say, these 12 chapters at the heart of Winter Storm have the author bringing us into the war in the east as never before. But we’re just getting started!

After a relatively quiet summer, except for the disastrous retreat of the Red Army, the last quarter of 1941 saw little action in other theaters. But at Churchill’s urging, late in the year the British tee up an operation against Rommel.  So we get another classic battle segment here in this novel, as Operation Crusader is launched in October of this altered history timeline The Desert Fox has been sitting on his Gazala Line defenses, licking his wounds and watching one unit after another being taken from his Afrika Korps. The November 41 British operation was originally launched from the Egyptian-Libyan border with the aim of relieving Tobruk, but in this altered history, the stunning counterattack by Kinlan’s Heavy Brigade put an end to that threat back in Crescendo of Doom. So this time the British intend to try and push Rommel off his Gazala Line defenses and see if they can retake Cyrenaica, but both sides are in for surprises.

Just before Crusader gets started, we get treated to an engaging three chapter session between Hitler and the man the world came to call the Prophet, Ivan Volkov. Flying to Wolf’s lair, Volkov is trying to shock Hitler with the urgency of these critical engagements in late 1941, and also has a hidden agenda of his own which sets up even more action later. Far from being shunted aside on Tunguska, the younger Karpov will soon get his chance to prove his worth, as Volkov is again up to no good while the Siberian is away on his sojourn to the Pacific.

And then we finally come to the last spasm of war at the end of 1941, like the fireworks display that ends the show every fourth. This is, of course, Japan’s Operation Z plan to attack Pearl Harbor, and Winter Storm concludes with the dramatic events taking us to December 7th in an extended segment most aptly entitled “Climb Mount Niitaka.” Here we learn what the Japanese Navy now looks like, not untouched by the interventions of 1908, which led them to make some interesting changes to their order of battle. And then that navy sets sail, even as the Siberian Karpov struggles through the ice to try and reach the scene of battle in time.

The loving detail in all these scenes depicting the altered history of the war tell us where season three is now taking us, for the next volume in the series, Tide Of Fortune will lead us boldly into 1942. If this book sets the template for what is to come, then batten down the hatches, as the author is promising to take us right on through the war, covering all the major battles WWII buffs will know and love, on land, at sea, and in the skies. In Winter Storm we see also the first effects of new war fighting technology entering the story. Germany has the Big Cats now prowling the field in selected units, and even Rommel gets a few of the new PzKfw-55L Lions to augment his Afrika Korps, when Hitler sends him a newly structured 10th Panzer Division early. The Germans also get another toy in this volume, while the British lay their own plans at how they can get new war winners into production based on the amazing power they have in hand with Kinlan’s Brigade.

These new tanks, weapons, and other tech are all arriving early, which, along with all the new ships at sea, will all be part of the excitement as the war unfolds. Fledgling missiles and jet fighters are already on the drawing boards, and the impact of this advanced tech will play out in the volumes ahead. In the meantime, while it has some great character based scenes on the ship itself, and involving Hitler, Volkov and Sergei Kirov, more than half of this volume is dedicated to covering the dramatic and critical battles at the end of 1941. And from what I am told, there’s a lot more to come in Tide of Fortune.

Jump on the action with Winter Storm available now, with the e-book out early this month of barbecues, fireworks… and some good beer. Enjoy this one, which will not fail to deliver everything you’ve come to expect from this series.

The Trade Paperback will be available from the CreateSpace link on the writingshop web site, on or before 7/15/15