Monday, May 11, 2015

Just Released! Kirov Saga: NEMESIS

Kirov Saga: NEMESIS
Season Three, Book 2

   The second volume in the third season of this long running tale carries the story into the turbulent waters of the north. With Admiral Volsky fallen ill, Fedorov struggles to prevent Karpov from repeating the awful events that ended in nuclear fire, and the explosion that again sent the ship reeling through time. With his memory intact, knowledge of Rod-25 and everything Karpov would do, he sets his mind on gaining control of the ship, yet must face the dangerous wrath of Karpov if he is to succeed.

   Meanwhile, the Siberian, as the second Karpov is now called, has struck a dangerous bargain with Sergei Kirov, but one that could bring about another fatal collision in time. Learning that the ship has reappeared, he sets his mind on trying to find Kirov, and in so doing gain control over the most powerful weapons in the world. Unaware that his duplicate self even exists, he soon finds he has a shadowy accomplice.

   The war continues on the Russian front as the Germans slowly begin to introduce new prototype tank designs, born of the shock and fire delivered by Kinlan’s heavy brigade. The story takes us into this action on the Soviet front with the cutting edge of Guderian’s 2nd Panzergruppe, and the veteran divisions of the 24th Panzer Korps spearhead the final German assault aimed at winning the war in 1941, Operation Typhoon. In doing so they run right into Sergie Kirov’s last available reserves, and the 1st Siberian Shock Army launches a daring counterattack to try and stem the German tide.


Trade Paperback Available on or before May 15, 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Just Released: Doppelganger

Season 3 of the Kirov Series opens with Volume 17: Doppelganger, where the answer to the dilemma that now faces Mother Time will finally decide the fate of the ship and crew. Battle still rages in the Atlantic, where Admiral Tovey must now face down the German fleet alone on HMS Invincible. Two of the world's most powerful battleships now come face to face in a titanic clash at sea, and Tovey must use all his skill to survive.

Elena Fairchild arrives on the scene to discover the crisis aboard Rodney has made her quest for the lost key impossible. Yet there she meets one other uninvited guest, an American officer who reveals that he is not the man he seems. Together they consider what they may have lost, and how it might yet be saved.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Karpov has discovered that his own personal fate is also in jeopardy as his dwindling lease on time runs thin. Realizing the dilemma that has plagued Fedorov for so long, he rises in Tunguska, intent on seeking the heart of a gathering storm, in a desperate attempt to save his own twisted soul from the ravages of Paradox. As he peers through the shattered glass of history, deep into the mirror of time, he suddenly discovers his own self looking right back at him.

The exciting alternate history of WWII careens towards 1942, as Germany now makes its great bid to destroy Kirov’s Soviet Russia and smash the last of the stubborn British resistance in the Middle East. Yet plans for new weapons of war will appear, strange doppelgangers spawned from the legacy of Kirov. Soon they will darken the battlefields of Europe, when the tempo of technology will leap ahead to produce a new generation of tanks, aircraft and the deadly art of missile warfare arrives years early.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Available Now! Paradox Hour

The hour and day that Fedorov and the crew of Kirov have long feared draws nigh, the moment of insoluble conflict, when their greatest enemy is not another hostile ship or plane, but their own selves—Paradox Hour.

Yet before that moment comes, the ship finds itself in one of the  greatest naval chases of all time. It is May, 1941, and a powerful German battlefleet has broken out into the Atlantic. Admiral Tovey is fast on the heels of Hindenburg, but must first run the gauntlet of Gibraltar to get into the hunt. With him are three of the most powerful ships in the world, Kazan, Argos Fire, and the battlecruiser Kirov. Yet Admiral Lütjens will not fight alone. The Kriegsmarine sorties with all its might as Raeder throws the dice in a desperate bid to prove his navy’s worth and power.   Soon the Royal Navy is reaching for every warship it can find to beat to quarters. One ship called to the action, HMS Rodney, harbors a secret—the long missing key revealed by Elena Fairchild. It is now at grave risk, and should it be lost, the secret it might unlock will die with it, and the doom Fairchild so darkly describes may then be unavoidable.

It is a race against time itself, and the shadow of doom that hangs over the world. Meanwhile, consumed by the fire of his own thirst for vengeance, one other man figures prominently in that fate—Vladimir Karpov—for he holds yet another key to the outcome of all these events, as he sets himself on chase of his own, desperate to find and cow his arch rival and enemy, Ivan Volkov.

The stunning conclusion of the eight book Altered States saga of the Kirov Series, Paradox Hour also stands as a “bridge novel” leading to the third saga of the long running series. The alternate history of WWII careens into 1942 and 1943 with the premier of Doppelganger, coming in March 2015.



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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Kirov Trilogy Sets Sail!

ANNOUNCING: Special Kirov Series introductory offer!
The opening trilogy of the longest running alternate history epic of WWII ever told. Get the first three full length novels at a special introductory price!

Sail with Admiral Leonid Volsky, Captain Karpov and the intrepid navigator Anton Fedorov on the most powerful surface combatant in the world, the battlecruiser Kirov, updated and recommissioned in the year 2021. On a routine live fire exercise in the Norwegian Sea, a strange incident displaces the ship in time to July 28, 1941. As the crew struggles to discover what has happened to them, they are soon presumed to be a fierce new German raider, and engaged in a running battle with the Royal Navy. The ship’s position in time is unstable, and the opening trilogy sees them battling all comers in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and finally the Pacific as they struggle to reach a friendly base at Vladivostok, and hope to find a way back to their own time.


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Now you can get the first three full length novels in the series for a special promotional price of only $9.99. It's a great way to sample the entire series, or to gift a friend if you are already a hard core Kirov Series reader.  Novels include:

Book 1: Kirov

Book 2: Cauldron of Fire

Book 3: Pacific Storm

But beware! Danger ahead! Once you begin this saga, you will not be able to put it down. Thankfully there is plenty more action ahead once this exciting opening trilogy welcomes you aboard as a new member of a cadre of dedicated and intrepid series readers the author calls "the crew." 

The Kirov Series is a group of linked novels that will eventually see the author recounting the entire history of WWII, and in a world that has been radically altered by the many interventions and changes in history that Kirov has introduced. The series is structured in trilogies that are linked together by what the author calls a “bridge novel.” At the conclusion of this trilogy, readers interested in continuing the saga can move to the bridge novel Men Of War, which acts as both a sequel to this opening trilogy, and a prequel to the second trilogy in the series that begins with Book 5: 9 Days Falling.

The series continues through 16 volumes as of this writing, and is now about to enter its "Third Season" through the bridge novel Paradox Hour, coming soon.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sneak Preview: Paradox Hour

About Paradox Hour

Paradox Hour is aptly named, a novel that moves the Kirov Series back out to sea, with a proverbial rendezvous with destiny waiting somewhere ahead on the turbulent waters of WWII.
    Throughout the many series installments, the ship’s former Navigator, and now Captain Fedorov, has hinted darkly that he expects they will soon be facing the problem and threat of a time paradox—the imminent first arrival of the ship on July 28, 1941. He reasons that this arrival must happen, for it began the long series of time jumps we have all been reading through, taking the story to some amazing places throughout WWII, and even as far back as 1908.

  If the ship does not go through this time displacement, how could he even be where he is at that moment, the result of that very journey through time? Yet how can there be two ships in the same moment, one at the beginning of this journey, and one at what may be the end? How could there be  duplicates of every member of the cast and crew? That is the paradox, at least as Fedorov sees it, and he fears that time can only solve it by eliminating one ship or another, and this is where a few of those small story seeds the author planted in the narrative long ago now begin to sprout.

   Faithful series readers will remember the strange anomalies that were introduced as the story entered its second “season” with the coming of Altered States. Those file boxes discovered in the archive of Bletchley Park were a mind-bending twist, and dovetailed with haunting memories that began to emerge in the mind of Admiral Tovey when he again encounters this mysterious Russian ship in the North Atlantic. Yet there was something else mentioned in that segment—Alan Turing’s missing watch, which he mysteriously re-discovered deep inside one of those file boxes. There was a clue the author dropped long ago, and one that now comes forward again in this novel, when strange and macabre “incidents” begin to occur aboard Kirov. Are they forerunners to that  moment of insoluble paradox Fedorov fears? This book now leads us down that darkening path.

     As mentioned at the outset, it is largely a naval saga this time out, returning the story to the fertile waters that first spawned the tale. Admiral Lütjens has sailed west into the Atlantic, and Force H does not have the heavy metal to challenge the German battleships, let alone stop them. In hot pursuit comes Admiral Tovey and his allies from 2021, though they are more than 18 hours behind the action as the Hindenburg breaks out into the Atlantic. Since Kirov  shifted to June of 1940, the author has been taking us through a lovingly detailed accounting of those war years, right up to the eve of Operation Barbarossa in May of 1941. Now, with the action heading out to sea, the principle WWII action there was, of course, the hunt for the Bismarck. Yet in this altered world where Kirov now sails, the power of the  Kriegsmarine is many times greater.

     After Hitler summarily cancels the Plan Z naval building program, Admiral Raeder is determined to do something dramatic with the ships he still has. Thus the Hindenburg , and the rest of the German ships that fought in the Med, now move to the Atlantic, and there they plan to rendezvous with the remainder of the German surface fleet, led by Kapitan Karl Topp aboard Tirpitz. Graf Zeppelin, and both Scharnhorst and Gneisenau are also assigned to that battlegroup, so you can see that we have another massive naval battle shaping up, and one that makes the actual Bismarck campaign in May of 1941 look like a small training exercise.

     Yet that operation still underlies something that happens at the heart of this story, a mystery that has been slowly developed ever since Fedorov first discovered the back stairway at that railway inn during his hunt for Gennadi Orlov.  Now the real hard core fans of Schettler’s many time travel books will be in for a treat. Before he first penned the breakthrough novel Kirov, Schettler wrote a quintet of time travel novels he calls the “Meridian Series,”  named after the series opener by that name, which won the Silver Medal for Science Fiction “Book of the Year” in Forward Magazine’s prestigious annual competition. That book grew into a trilogy with Nexus Point and Touchstone, then finally extended to two more novels, the last of which was Golem 7, a time travel naval fiction that featured an alternate history recounting of the hunt for the Bismarck.

    The Meridian Series was all about a team of researchers and scientists operating out of the Lawrence Berkeley Labs, and involved in the design and testing of a machine they called “the Arch” that plays with the universe on the  quantum level, and enables travel in time. That series saw the author taking us to the deserts of Syria and Jordan with Lawrence of Arabia, to the Crusades, then to Egypt at the time of Napoleon’s invasion there, and finally to the famous battle of Tours where Charles Martel faced down the Moors to save Europe and Christendom from being overrun. The last volume was Golem 7,  the naval tale that formed the warp and weave in Schettler’s imagination that eventually led him to write Kirov, simply because he still had “the naval bug” after finishing the Meridian Series.

     Thank god for that!

    Now, 16 volumes later in a series of books that has kept the hard core fans and “crew” of Kirov waiting for each new release, Mister Schettler begins the grand unification of both his time travel universes. Yes Meridian fans, that tantalizing mystery hook that was left at the end of Golem 7 will be revealed here in the  Kirov Series through a plot line the author calls the mystery of the “Keyholders.”  In fact, in Chapter 17 of Paradox Hour, the author presents a slightly revised version of a scene from Golem 7 to introduce a new historical character, then in chapter 18, he reprises segments of the final epilogue in the Meridian Series, where the mystery of that key found in the base of the Selene Horse aboard the Battleship Rodney was first introduced.  That battleship, and the strange,  though completely historical mission Rodney was on in carrying  a store of gold bullion and the Elgin Marbles to safety in Boston, becomes the focus of the action here in Paradox Hour, as it was in the novel Golem 7, though its fate is completely different in each novel. Elena Fairchild is set on retrieving that key, and only readers of the Meridian Series really know just how it went missing, and where it may end up…

Special Announcements: And More to come!

   Author John Schettler has informed us that he is also working on a "secret project," something new he is writing "between Kirov novels." At the moment, it now appears that his two existing time travel universes are about to merge, and move forward into “Season Three” of the Kirov Series. Yes, dear readers, have no fear. There are desperate hours here, but season three is coming. It is coming like the tick of a clock, persistent, inevitable, fated to make its appointed round. There is simply soooooo much more story to be told. The eight books starting with Altered States only covered a year long period beginning June of 1940, and yes, now the real war begins. There is all the great action through 1943 and 1944 yet to come, the heart of the war. (More on this as we continue our author interview in the web site dedicated to Paradox Hour, to be published soon)
Tick tock… It’s coming, the alternate history of the war that would not be complete without the crucial years from 1942 to 1944, and it’s going to be an amazing ride. While we cannot yet reveal anything that happens at the end of Paradox Hour, or even whether Kirov survives, you can bet there will be a twist in this next novel that you may not see coming. But while you wait for the early 2015 release of that book, those who have not yet read the Meridian Series would be wise to take a peek, because events first seeded in the final Meridian Series book now begin to bloom in Paradox Hour.

Dec 29, 8:00am thru Dec 31 11:00pm
The prelude to events that occur in Paradox Hour will be offered at three promotional prices, starting at just $1.99 on Dec 29th.

The novel that started it all now comes full circle, in Paradox Hour!
    The key book you’ll want to read is that great naval campaign that started it all, Golem 7, and because each novel is a standalone story, it is easy to read as a prelude to Paradox Hour without needing to read the other four volumes that preceded it. This book is where the character of Admiral Tovey, so central to the Kirov Series, was first drawn and introduced. And the leader of the German fleet here in Paradox Hour, Admiral Lütjens, is also a prominent character in Golem 7. There are many parallels at play between the two novels, one the beginning seed that eventually led the author to write Kirov, the other the ripened fruit ready to fall on that same fertile ground of his imagination that gave us these sixteen wonderful books.

    In Golem 7, you will meet the Meridian Project research team, discover how they operate in time, and what they learned was happening when two rival groups in the future begin waging “Time War” on one another in an effort to re-write the history in a way that favors their side. Through an ingenious series of widely distributed computer Aps called “Golems,” the researchers can determine where and when an intervention is being made in time. Since their facility in Berkeley was the first operational “time machine,” they remain in a unique position on the continuum to counter-operate against these adversaries in the future.

     In both novels, Admirals Lütjens and Tovey ponder their strategy, and the evolution of naval tactics, and it is interesting to see how Lütjens’ views of aircraft carriers, for example, are affected by the thunder Kirov has brought into the world, not to mention the  exploits of the Stuka pilots aboard Graf Zeppelin and Goeben. Another character from Golem 7 also makes an appearance in Paradox Hour, the intrepid Kapitan Herbert Wohlfarth of U-556. Wohlfarth plays a pivotal role in the alternate history Bismarck campaign, and it is interesting to see how his part has changed here in the world altered by Kirov’s earlier interventions.

     The mystery that ended the Meridian Series all had to do with the discovery that the original Meridian, or time line native to the main characters, was found to be an altered state. In fact, Part VIII of Golem 7 is where the now familiar title “Altered States” first appeared. There the main characters uncover some strange events involving Wohlfarth’s attack on a British convoy, and a mysterious undersea explosion. Strangely enough, this is something the author plucked right from the historical record of that attack, an event that actually occurred. It baffled the Admiralty when reported in 1941, and stands as a perplexing and dangerous anomaly to the Meridian Project team in Golem 7, as they sort through the haystack of events surrounding the sinking of the Bismarck. The conclusion the Meridian team comes to, that their own native world may have been an altered timeline, is the same disturbing realization that Fedorov and Director Kamenski will discuss as they tackle the problem of the impending paradox Fedorov has been worried about.

     All of this has to do with the haunting revelation made by Elena Fairchild at the end of Crescendo of Doom, that the signals from the future received by the Watch—the voices that had been guiding and warning them—have suddenly gone quiet.  Fairchild’s admonition concerning some terrible calamity in the future is the somber note that book ended on, and though Karpov’s hunt for Ivan Volkov steals the leadoff spot in the opening of Paradox Hour, that topic is taken up again in Part III. Was this calamity actually witnessed by the crew of Kirov after they shifted to that bleak future and discovered the blackened ruins of Halifax? Or was it something more…?

    As Golem 7 concludes, the project team makes this same discovery in an engaging segment where they literally call the future adversaries in the Time War on the carpet, and demand they end hostilities. But something happens at the very end of Golem 7 that has stood unanswered for many years now, while the author was busy entertaining us with the Kirov Series. It is this story thread that he now takes up again, using it to weave both time travel epics together to explore that perplexing mystery.

     Like two ends of a circle in time, Golem 7 and Paradox Hour now define one another, arising mutually, like Yin and Yang. You will even note the same story telling method, and the author’s unique  “voice” and prose style—all developed in the novel Golem 7, and carried through to the Kirov Series. You can clearly see how Kirov emerged and took shape in Schettler’s mind at the end of the Meridian Series, as the seed begets the stem, stalk, leaf, and flower.

    Think of Golem 7 as a prelude to events that will now begin to unfold in Paradox Hour, and continue on in “Season 3” of the Kirov Series. You can “grok” this next book in the Kirov Series easily enough, even if you haven’t read any of the Meridian books, but when Chapter 17 of Paradox Hour introduces what appears to be just another historical figure aboard the battleship Rodney, readers of Golem 7 will smile inwardly and know what is going on. In fact, you will also know much more about those mysterious voices from the future Elena Fairchild has talked about. And for Meridian Series fans, in Paradox Hour, you will soon learn much more about the ending of that series, and that final system alert that went off in the very last paragraph of Golem 7. That long unanswered “hook” will finally begin to spin out in the engaging prose that has kept us all spellbound these last two years, as the Kirov Series made and rewrote history, the longest running Alternate History Time travel adventure ever penned.
   For those who have not yet read Golem 7, the Writing Shop is now releasing a special revised and edited version of that novel available now on Amazon. So start your new year with this great naval chase, and then get ready for more of the same when Paradox Hour leads us into the stormy waters of the Atlantic, and another massive naval duel where the future and past collide in a battle that may decide far more than the fate of operations at sea in WWII.


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     On behalf of the author, and from everyone affiliated with the Writing Shop Press, we wish you a Happy New Year, with many thanks for your loyalty and support of the amazing Kirov Series, by John Schettler.