Sunday, July 31, 2022

Volume III in the Chronicles of Innisfail

 The Fate of Empire

Volume III in John Schettler's new Epic military fantasy series.

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In a desperate effort to break the siege of Rammath-Innis, Duke Morgin arrives with a strong contingent of the Western Outlords, to confront the Shadows. He is soon reinforced by Lord Frey, marching all the way from Irondale with the clans of his people. They will also be joined by the Host of Delling, coming by sea and landing to the east on the coast of Innisfail. Together these forces confront the Dreadlords, but when Lord Hornbori falls in battle, the Dwarrowkin clans withdraw, and Duke Morgin also lies abed, with a dire wound from his encounter with the Dreadlord Luth.

The Dreadlords now turn their combined might on the city and Sonderin uses his new weapon to undermine the walls. General Scion Cross had concentrated the entire Army of Innisfail inside the outer Ramparts of Rammath-Innis. Will it be enough? Then the Navy comes forward with a massive fleet offering one last hope, and an alternative for the survival of the proud people of Innisfail.

Not since Starfall has there been such a dramatic crisis, and when Vortigern the Seer comes to Ramath-Innis, he and the other High Mages strive to hold the dark magic of the Dreadlords at bay. Yet there is hope to the east, and General Cross now make a fateful decision to evacuate the people of Innisfail to safer lands to the east.  The Great Migration proceeds, and finds lands and worlds that no one ever knew existed. There General Cross strives to find and secure powerful new allies for a great crusade. He parlays with the leader of a powerful tribe, the Samarkon, the Spartans of this new world, and soon plans a Great Crusade to return to the West and reclaim lands and titles lost to the Dreadlords. Can they defeat the combined might of the Gorgessen and Khazari hordes, and then roll back the deepening shadow now falling over the Alderenh? Or is it the fate of Empire to suffer a tragic fall into that impending dark age on the horizon.

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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Duel at Sea!

 Oh My... Where did Ivan Volkov get that Battleship?

That's the question Karpov asked himself when he first learned about the challenge. Volkov! He was back again, from some other Meridian, and intent on putting an end to the one Fedorov and Karpov had fought so long to defend.

But Volkov just made a very big mistake. Was it hubris, blind ambition, or simply rabid hatred that led him to boldly challenge Karpov and Kirov to one final battle at sea, a duel to settle their long vendetta once and for all.

Vladimir Karpov was a happy man the day he received that challenge, and he said so.

"Come and get it!" Volkov taunted. "You come too, Fedorov, you sniveling toad. I’m going to enjoy chopping Kirov up and putting you both in the water. Then I’ll sail up, hook the two of you and drag your asses all the way back to my home port at Sevastopol. So what do you say? Are you game for a nice little showdown at sea?”

“You’ve got it, Asshole,” said Karpov. He didn’t hesitate a second.

“The one thing I did not get to do was to put you in a grave. It will be my pleasure. When we heard you had passed, I was very disappointed. Killing you and whatever monstrosity of a ship you’ve built, will be a supreme joy.”

“Oh, you can try, but Orenburg is no pushover, Karpov. I designed it to be my flagship for the new Orenburg Federation I’ll build here after I get rid of the two of you, and that damn ship of yours.  Good to at least see you aren’t the cowards I thought you were. I’m going to enjoy carving your precious battlecruiser up.”

“Be careful what you wish for, Volkov. You talk tough, but you’ve got no experience at sea. You won’t last ten minutes in naval combat with me. I’ll box your ears so hard you’ll be deaf for a year, and I’m going to enjoy every goddamn minute of it. You can bet on that.”

“That may be true for the little ships you preyed upon in the last war, but not mine. I won’t be in a Chinese Corvette, Karpov.”

“But you will be dead just the same.”

So where did Volkov get a ship good enough to challenge Karpov on Kirov?

Come and see!

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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Kirov Series serves up an Encore!

 Surprise Volume #65 in the Kirov Series is Available now!


OK... It's an Encore, and author John Schettler has put together an all new mission handed to Karpov and Fedorov by Director Kamenski. The result is everything you ever liked about the Kirov series. There's mystery, Troyak and the Marines deploy for some ass kicking. The Ice Men Skeletals are back, there's airships, haunting landscapes in the polar regions and lost deserts of the world. Kirov goes to sea when a variation ends the war in 2025-26 differently, and removes a key trump card from the Allied hand. Karpov wants to set things right. Volkov shows up with a big surprise or two, and the vendetta between Volkov and Karpov finally gets its proper resolution. A few plot holes are filled, and a few loose ends tied off. And best of all, its out now for kindle!

While the author isn't promising this will happen all that often, he was just too restless, like Karpov, and Kirov just had to get back on stage for one more swansong. Here it is. 36 more life saving chapters!

Kirov Series Encore: $6.99 for Kindle version

Quality Trade Paperback: $19.99

Thursday, May 5, 2022

The Shadows are Coming!

 Chronicles of Innisfail: Volume II - AVAILABLE NOW!

The Coming of Shadows

The Shadows come fast on the heels of the series opener as author John Schettler rolls out his new Epic Fantasy Series. Starseed continues west through the northwest passage to reach Irondale, and the journey is fateful in more than one way.

Duke Morgin Grenfell has rushed west into Rhaingoll with his knights to stand a nervous watch on the eves of Ravenswood as The Dreadlord Luth marches his Dharman Legion into the Valley of Soregor. Will he strike south towards Rhaingoll's main city at Dinorwick? Luth has a surprise in store when the action shifts to the Tower of Aberlemno.

Reaching Irondale to confer with Lord Frey, Morgin meets a strange yet amiable man with a most interesting weapon. He immediately seeks to recruit him to his cause.

Morgin then joins with Lord Frey and characters from the Kaspar's company on the Starseed to undertake a dangerous quest into the Underworld. As Morwenna has led her army aloft, the Duke sees this as perhaps the only chance he will have to recover the body of his friend, Lord Rachlin. A party of nine intrepid souls open the Undergate below 3rd Deep in Cartimandua, and struggle to make their way to the dread Bone Fortress. There they must face and defeat the Guardians Morwenna has left in place to watch the many entrances to her dark realm. Not everyone will get out alive...

Meanwhile, events above ground are getting very dark. The great war that started in Volume I has now reached a decisive phase, when all three of the series Dreadlords, Luth, Sonderin, and Morwenna, lead their armies into Innisfail to lay siege to the capital at Rammath-Innis. Among them come the dread Dharman, shadow warriors who live on the tenuous boundary between this world and the ethereal realm called the Reach. This sets up a do or die battle for the city, where the fate of the Empire rides in the balance. 

New characters are introduced, most notably, the Archmage Vortigern, who has come looking for his missing Starseed Gemsword. He is instrumental in mustering the strength of the West and urging them to ride east to Innisfail. There in the capital, all four High Mages strive to oppose the dark magic of the three Dreadlords.

The Outlords answer the call yet again, and ride east to Innisfail. They are joined by both hosts of the Dwarrowkin, Lord Frey's and those of Lord Hornbori. A major battle on the fields of North Innis results as they try to break the siege of Rammath-Innis. But with the Khazars and Gorgessens looming on the southern frontier of the Outlands, the Outlords must decide whether to stand for Innisfail or return West to defend their homelands.

It's out now for kindle with the paperback a day or so behind. This book will also be distributed to Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other online retailers. And John says Volume III is already underway.

Trade Paperback: $19.99

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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Volume II of Innisfail Coming Soon!

 Volume 2 of Chronicles of Innisfail moves to production.

Book 2 in that series the Chronicles of Innisfail The Coming of Shadows, has passed final review and is scheduled for publication in the next 7-10 days. Here’s a preview of the new front cover:

The first cover candidate was an image entitled "Lord Soth's Charge" by Kieth Parkinson. In seeking rights to use it for the cover we learned that TSR has already acquired rights to that image, so we moved to Cover candidate #2 above, an image of the Mysterious Dharman Legion being led out by Luth.

Get ready to Rumble, cause here come the Dreadlords! After the dramatic battle against Sonderin’s Vile Host in Hallowfield, Llanishen, and the fields of Arnir, Duke Morgin Grenfell finds himself in a predicament after the is arrested by a thankless Emperor and accused of High Treason. Volume II in the series opens with Morgin trying to find a way out of that dilemma so that he can get back west to defend the Western Outlands against a new looming threat. The mysterious Dharman Legion is being led out by Sonderin's brother Luth, (the new cover art) and marching to the Valley of Soregor where he plans to join his shadow host with that of the Witch Queen of the Underworld, with legions of skeletals and Bone Riders.

So all the dark forces rise in this volume to make a new attack, when all three Dreadlords lead their hosts against the Empire of Innisfail. This volume also presents a venture into the Underworld by a small company of 9 intrepid characters, Wilem, Sachi, Duke Morgin, and Sencha Windweaver among them. Their incursion is only possible because the Queen has taken her Army of the Dead aloft, leaving the Underworld largely empty… but not quite empty enough to suit those who dare to enter it in this volume.

A good Dungeon crawl ensues, and those who survive it return to learn the situation in the east is darker then ever, as the three Dreadlords now lay siege to Rammath-Innis, capital of the empire. The second great battle in the east is beginning, and it will need all the strength of free men, including the Dwarrowkin clans, to prevent the fall of the empire. This one is action packed, and introduces a new High Mage, Vortigern, after Wilem’s discovery in the Ice Hollows has some unforeseen consequences. Wilem has also taken a shine to Sachi, Kaspar's Chief Scout.

If you haven’t made the jump to this new series, now’s the time to do so. Come explore a new world that is as richly detailed as those offered by other masters in this genre, and here we get Volume II just 30 days after the series premier. This is going to make for some great summer reading! 

For those who who are Patrons of the arts, John has also set up a Paetreon Page here:

Hey there, help us keep this guy fed!

Other announcements include some price changes and new paperback and ebook editions:

Volume I of Innisfail now back at $4.99 until May 5.

Volume I Of Kirov series reduced to $3.99 to welcome new readers.

Volume I of Dharman Sci-Fi Series reduced to $3.99 to welcome new readers. (John's first "Dharmans" were not shadow warriors, but a menagerie of life forms on the planet Dharma VI.) The books are being reformatted to get three volumes of equal length. So some material from Wild Zone will move into Book II, and some material from Mother Heart will move into Book III. All three books will be about 325 pages each. The trilogy is being reissued soon in three reformatted paperbacks and one massive Kindle file covering all three books. Wild Zone, Mother Heart, and finally the 3rd Volume, Nightwatch. This trio will probably be released as a big 970 page 3-book bundle on kindle this year for $9.99 but John is still tinkering with book 3 in the series. Anyone who has already bought the first two books in that series can also order book III at $3.99. We'll announce availability later.

Volume I of Silk Road Series, Taklamakan reduced to $3.99 - This often overlooked book introduces the Series, which John considers his best writing among all his many books. In fact, the main character, Tando will seem like a close cousin of Kaspar Jakhad in the Innisfail series, because Taklamakan began as an Epic Fantasy, and John then decided to make it a historical fiction instead. It's s great read!

“1944” in Kirov Series now available in Trade Paperback. (We missed that format earlier).

The thick 569 Page Battle book Vendetta now also available in Trade Paperback with all the zeppelin action and battles for Ilanskiy. This book had been in kindle format for some time.

Below is a Bone Rider Scythe Leader, the skies above him clouded with Mereliki Dragon Bats, and ghostly spirits of the Herelinka rising bottom right. This is a rights free image approved for commercial use. This was cover candidate #3 for The Coming of Shadows, but John thought featuring the Dharmans jived with the title better, as they are Luth's dread shadow warriors.


A Bone Rider Scythe Leader from the Underworld

Here come the bad guys! If Sonderin’s Vile Host wasn’t enough, Morwenna is sending out scores of her Bone Riders and Skeletals, the animated remains of all those who have died and were carried into the Underworld over the long centuries. It gets downright nasty on the fields of Innis, with a Mage War on top of all the other fighting as Sencha, Vortigern, Maelgrinn and Tal stand to oppose Sonderin, Luth and Morwenna. If you like this genre, come and see!